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To qualify for SR&ED tax credits, it is not necessary to work in high tech industries. Companies in industries such as food transformation, agriculture, and manufacturing may all be eligible for SR&ED tax claims.

Our key objective is to maximize your tax credits for scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED).

A visit of your company allows us to identify projects eligible for the SR&ED tax incentive programme. Our team of highly qualified SR&ED Consultants will draw up the required technical descriptions and accounting documents necessary for an effective SR&ED tax claim. To this end, we have developed GLOBAL.DOC *, a tool specifically designed to help our clients document their SR&ED work and available free of charge to our clients.

In applying our considerable tax credit experience the SR&ED program, we ensure the complete success of tax claim applications filed with the tax authorities.

*GLOBAL .DOC is a database tool designed specifically to help our clients document their SR&ED work.  We offer free licences to this program, developed on the FileMaker Pro platform, to all of our clients.  This tool is directly accessible to your SR&ED personnel via the internet, and is hosted by a firm specialized in databases, ensuring daily back-ups and full safeguard of confidentiality of information.
Global Business Expansion offers the following services with regards to the preparation of SR&ED tax claims:
Preliminary analysis
Our SR&ED Consultants explain the SR&ED tax incentive programme to the appropriate personnelWe define your Company’s specific in-house activities qualifying for tax credits under the terms of the SR&ED tax incentive program and determine related refundable expenses.
We analyze and structure your Company’s technical data that supports eligible SR&ED projects.

Technical and accounting file
Our SR&ED Consultants draw up technical descriptions and financial reports including:
A breakdown and description of all pertinent SR&ED activities eligible for the SR&ED tax incentive programme, which provides the framework for the SR&ED tax credit claim;
A technical description of the work relating to SR&ED projects, according to the new criteria for SR&ED tax incentive programme, to be submitted to federal and provincial tax authorities;
Effective letters of support as the need may arise;
Accounting documents including spreadsheets identifying and quantifying SR&ED activities;
Our SR&ED Consultants ensure that the application is properly supported and complies with the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency’s SR&ED tax incentive programme, in order to claim maximum allowable SR&ED tax credits.

Our SR&ED Consultants will prepare its clients’ representatives ensuring effective meetings with Canada Revenue Agency’s technical auditors, in the event that a SR&ED technical audit is required. 
Our SR&ED Consultants are present in the event of any SR&ED related audit.

Follow-up and support
Global Business Expansion offers to its clients, free of charge, software developed specifically for recording SR&ED data.  This software is a user-friendly, effective tool for keeping the back-up documentation required by the Canada Revenue Agency.
Our SR&ED Consultants will guide your personnel in the use of this software and establish a series of steps facilitating the process of tracking SR&ED trials and associated costs.
We provide the necessary support right on our clients’ premises, to help their employees more readily identify projects likely to qualify for the SR&ED program.
Global Business Expansion’s clients come from widely diverse fields. The following presents a non-exhaustive list of the sectors of activity in which they operate.
Food Transformation
Tooling Automation
Green Technologies

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