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Contrary to popular belief, the SR&ED tax credit programme applies not only to the high tech sectors; it is also applicable to more traditional industries such as printing, tooling, textiles, and food transformation.

However, a poor knowledge of the tax incentive programme’s eligibility criteria and the sheer complexity of administrative procedures keeps many companies from applying for SR&ED tax credits.  Where companies prepare their own SR&ED tax claims internally, the employees responsible are rarely properly equipped write fully optimized SR&ED claims.   It is a known fact that almost all companies filing their own SR&ED tax claims do an incomplete job. 

Our SR&ED Consultants are well-versed in manoeuvring the intricacies of this tax incentive programme so as to prepare the most effective SR&ED tax claims possible for your Company.  In fact, the amount of unclaimed SR&ED money that remains in government coffers because companies either don’t apply for it or file incomplete applications is staggering. Don’t leave money that belongs to you and to which you are entitled lie dormant.

By dealing with our professional, highly reputable SR&ED Consultants, your company will be able to submit thorough, well-prepared, and successful SR&ED tax claims.

To determine whether your company may be eligible to file claims with the SR&ED tax incentive programme, please consider the following questions.

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With one phone call,you can see if you are eligible for $4,000,000,000 tax credits the CRA has made available.