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Global Business Expansion SR&ED Consultants are fully equipped to offer you a complete service with regards to your Scientific Research and Experimantal Development tax incentive claims and questions.

For more information, please consult our range of SR&ED tax incentive related  services or contact a representative by
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Is your Company reaping the full benefits of available SR&ED tax incentives? It is possible that your engineers or accountants are not filing the most effective tax claims with regards to your company’s investments and that you are foregoing readily available SR&ED tax credits. 
Most manufacturers already have their human resources fully allocated to production and related SR&ED activities and their staff have little free time to wend their way through the paperwork necessary to claim Scientific Research and Experimantal Development tax incentives.
Global Business Expansion is a team of specialized SR&ED Consultants fully equipped to offer you the entire array of turnkey services with regards to your Scientific Research and Experimantal Development tax incentive claims.  Our tm of consultants has the expertise to properly evaluate your eligible activities, offer training to your technical team to recognize the work which can be claimed with the SR&ED tax incentive program, prepare the documents required for such a claim and in the process, maximize the SR&ED tax credits to which your Company is entitled.

To entrust your mandate to Global Business Expansion, for more information with regards to our SR&ED tax incentive related services,  or to contact a representative, please call now at 514 233 9778.

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